Extended Desktop & Video playback while gaming

I often extend my desktop to an HDTV to watch movies and/or TV shows while running weather programs and
keeping track of online games I play.
Also , I can play high end games on the HDTV while keeping track of these same things as well.


What i did notice, I can not watch a movie or tv show on the extended desktop while playing SimCity 4\.
Can anyone tell me why? Or maybe a setting I am over looking?
Or since the game has to run in full screen mode on the regular monitor it will freeze the video on the extended desktop.
Puzzling that the audio will still play though. LOL

Any thoughts ?? :)

AMD 6core @ 3.9ghz
Ram 8GB
GTX 550ti 1GB DDR5

Display 1 - 1600-900 (monitor) Game
Display 2 - 1920-1080 (TV) Movie
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  1. Hmm, you can try to make it in windowed mode. Just create a shortcut to the game. Then right click on it and click on Properties. Once there, there should be a Shortcut tab. Then, you will see Target type, Target location, and Target. In Target, there should be something that says "C:\xxx\xxxx\xxx.exe"

    What you want to do is put: -w

    "C:\xxx\xxxx\xxx.exe" -w

    It will create a windowed mode for the game. Hopefully you don't have issues after doing this.
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