Looking to upgrade for 300$

im looking to upgrade my rig for ~$300
i use it for mostly gaming but i also host private servers for my friends and do some light CAD work
my current rig
Athlon II x3 @3.2ghz
msi 870-g45 mobo
12 gb DDR3 1333
Radeon HD 6950 2gb
and a 750 w corsair psu

I was thinking about getting a FX-8320 and a new mobo? recommendations
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  1. i5 3570k



    total:$368 intel




    Now thats the amd fx 6300 in the build. but if you get the 8320. you might as well jump to the i5.

    Imo the 6300 is the best bang for buck amd cpu. 139. highly overclockable. if your going intel get the i5 3570k if your overclocking if not save 20bucks get the 3470.
  2. Your current motherbd will take a 960t or 965. That and a good cooler shoud do yuo good unless you're looking to go intel.
  3. the 8320 sounds goods, can be overclocked to match 8350 for cheaper, a new motherboard, recommend a 990fx board, i like asus crosshair V, and saber tooth, and the highest cost msi board, but ASrock, and gigabyte make great boards too, find one with features u like and decide between the two 83xx cpus.

    Could go with an i5 or i7, as an i5 is similar priced to a 8350, but not sure how well the 8 core is in cad or with hosting servers to the quad i5, but i think either will be good.
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