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Whats the best Video Card I can get with 400 or Cards, Crossfire or SLi don't care with 650 psu.
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  1. correct, the GTX 670 is your babe.
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    GTX670 no question.

    However if you get one I recommend the ASUS Direct CU TOP edition as it is faster than the GTX680 due to its superior components, cooling, and overclock yet is $100 cheaper. And it is also silent.

    Check out the benchmarks of the ASUS Direct CU TOP versus the reference GTX680 on Hardware Canucks.

    Hardware Canucks Review:

    Video Review:
  3. Normally I would agree @ the $400 mark with the above posts, but you might wait a bit on that. The 7970 is down to $400, and the catalyst 12.7 drivers are doing some wonderful things.
  4. If you overclock, do any gpgpu compute, or use high res or multi-monitor. It's the 7970.

    and then there's the three free games you get plus a better card
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