Switching from AMD to intel, need help!

First off, I can't stress how awesome newegg's costumer service has been to me, they are a great company that still realizes that costumer comes first. Moving on, I've been and AMD guy since the K-6 but now I just can't hold on to my AMD pride with their new FX CPU's they have fell behind too far. now I know I want to get an i5, and I will need a motherboard and a CPU. For the CPU I've heard a lot of good about the i5 3750k, I like to photoshop and render videos here and there, and I'd also like to play skyrim and a few other titles, nothing major like crysis 3. From what I've heard the i5 3750k will be more than able to handle my needs, any input will be well appreciated. I like ASUS motherboards but i'm open to change. I was thinking of getting this: I have 16GB of G Skill Ripjaws X 8x2 1600 RAM, and I will be getting a gtx 650 and maybe something better during the summer. Thanks a lot if you read all that gibberish! i really don't want to make any mistakes here.
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  1. I've skimmed through the reviews for that motherboard and they don't look too great. I've heard good things about 'asrock' as well.
  2. You already have a amd 8350?. Why would upgrade. Atleast wait for haswell ATLEAST
  3. I've already returned the motherboard and CPU and I think an intel will work much better for what I would be doing.
  4. can somebody help? :(
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    if you're getting a 3570K, consider grabbing a Z77 board. they cost just about the same with a Z68 with the added benefit that they are compatible with ivy bridge CPUs out of the box sans a BIOS update (better than risk getting a Z68 with a not so up to date BIOS and not being able to POST)

    consider some cheaper alternatives. yes, Asrock has been doing a fine job the last 2 years or so, and they are a viable option
  6. thanks a lot, I was going to get either one of those but I can't decide which one to get.
  7. i'm leaning towards the asrock
  8. from what I've experienced, intel is still the better choice.
  9. I5 3570k + asrock mobo for you then? like the previous poster

    Cant go wrong with that
  10. Thanks for your input.
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