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I'm trying to setup a house with 2 networks. I'll start with what I have. I have a uverse modem/router, a linksys wrt160nl wireless router with gargolye firmware installed on it. What I want is to setup the uverse to be a public wifi for my roommate and the linksys to be my private wired/wireless network. I want my roommate to have internet access but not access to my stuff (streaming, devices, etc). How would I do this? Thank you.
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    connect the linksys via WAN/Internet port to the Uverse router.

    make sure that the Linksys uses a different IP scheme. if Uverse uses, you need to change the LAN ip of the Linksys to

    give the networks different SSIDs and change the Admin password and the password key for the wireless on the Linksys and don't give it to anybody.

    also nobody should have access to the LAN ports on the Linksys since that will allow access to the rest of your network. Don't place router in a public area
  2. Thank you. This was what I needed.
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