Older graphics card benefit on newer machine?

Will i get any benefit installing a directx 10 graphics card (PNY 8400GS) on directx 11 machine (Windows 7) or should i just buy a new directx 11 card?
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  1. Not really, unless you play games with DirectX 11, you'd want to get a new card.

    You can make it as a PhysX card if you want with any newer Nvidia card.
  2. The 8400GS is a weak GPU regardless. I would get a new GPU and use that 8400GS as a dedicated PhysX card.
  3. if this was a low priced gaming rig..i can see that question. it going to depend on the video size you want to run the game at and the game itself..a newer card will help myself i would hold off if you can for a few months. the new 660 will soon be out and if rumors are right around the holiday time frame ati might be dropping there next line of gpu. if that does happen cards like the 550ti and the lower end ati cards are going to be going for a nice low price. trick with value gaming is to know when something at a good price point for performance. you se that know with the 6850/6870 cards...there still nice gaming cards. there now at a sweep spot price if you still can find one. there not going to be top frag cards but for the 300-600 gamer there are a great card for there price. in 12 to 18 months from now the older 600 line and 7000 cards are going to be in that sweet spot for low end gamers. even though some new card might be 2 or 3 times faster then the older cards. right now gou vendor and cpu vendors are dropping hardware that faster and has more performance then most games or os need right now. there is the new unreal game engine does show that some game writers and some game engines are writing games that can use all of the power and performance of these new gaming cards.
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