Corsair H60 water cooling unit any good?

I just bought an i5 2500k, with an asrock z77 . Was looking for a cooler and got the H60 water cooled one. I've never used water cooling however would this suffice for Reaching 4.5mhz on my 2500k? Also, installation doesn't mention anything about coolant. Do have to buy my own coolant or is it prefilled? If so can I just use prestone and mix my own with distilled water?
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  1. If you're near a fry's they have the h50 $29 in store only until tomorrow..
  2. Only memory express in Canada sadly :(
  3. Yeah, $29 is the lowest I've EVER seen water cooling, I got lucky by catching a relative at costco right across the street from fry's so add "free" delivery. I'm waiting on my new cpu so all I can say right now is the box looks nice..
  4. Bought a decent deal on ebay, only prob is that its used. The seller had 100% feedback though out of 1800. Still hasn't contacted me yet though, I want him to ship it and hes taking forever.
  5. The Corsair H60 for $29 is good until Thur. and Frys does mail order also.
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