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Hey Guys,

Recently I have been having problems with my PC crashing while playing games. The screen will go completely black and my monitor loses signal from my GPU. The audio will continue for a few more seconds before a loud buzzing noise will start. The computer is still on but the activity light doesn't blink. This can happen from 10-15 minutes in a game to as long as something like 2 hours without a
crash. What's interesting is that this only started after I downloaded Tribes: Ascend on my computer. I tried deleting Tribes: Ascend on my computer but the problem continued. My computer specs are as follows:

- Intel Core i3 2100
- XFX Radeon HD6850
- Gigabyte P61-USB3-B3
- Corsair Vengeance RAM 4gb
- Corsair CX500 PSU
- 22'' Asus 1920x1080 monitor
Built August, 2011

I have ran both FurMark and Prime95 on my PC, and in both tests I was not able to recreate the crash. I ran FurMark for ~40 minutes before I closed it off myself. I ran FurMark at my native 1920x1080 resolution with my temperature peaking at 87C (!) but still it did not crash. In Prime95 I ran it for around ~20-30 minutes, with my temperature hovering at around 65C. Once again I closed off the program manually.

I've tried installing the latest AMD drivers, but that didn't help anything. Windows tells me that I have no chipset updates pending.

Any help guys?

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  1. You can try using a System Restore to a time before installing Tribes. You can also use Driver Sweeper to uninstall the GPU driver, reboot, then install the latest driver.
  2. so you only get this issue when you are playing games but not when you run a benchmark program? try removing your current gpu drivers then run a ccleaner scan and a driver sweeper....then reinstall the latest gpu drivers....87c is a little toasty on the gpu but i dont think that is your problem if the benchmark runs fine but not the games....that makes it seem like its a software issue
  3. with chipset update..the newest ones are on intel web page. look at the mb drivers web page if it says realteck high audi drivers then go to realtec for the newest ones. for sound. if the mb has an intel network controller...go to intel for the newest drivers. also check that you mb has all the bios updates. if there five or six you need do them in order. one thing you maight want to use is hardware monitor and log your power supply voltages. you could have an issue with the 12v legs not holding or under stress the ps sending out a lot of ac ripple. if it not the ps it may be the mb chipset is over heating..locking up the sound and network chips.
  4. @El Tigre, Drums101,

    Okay, will do.

    I've updated my chipset with the latest driver I found on my motherboards page. I did that for my Realtek audio as well. For the BIOS, on my motherboards page I see from F1-F12...which one should I be updating? All 12? Thanks.
  5. having the monitor go black and the sound still working for a second then buzz sounds like the typical gpu issue.....usually i got those when I was trying to oc my gpu with not enough voltage.....but since he didnt mess with his gpu I am led to believe that it software related
  6. Question for system restore...I can only see 3 restore points at the moment...and all of them are after I have downloaded Tribes. How can I view more? I checked the "show more restore points" box but nothing else came up.. any help?
  7. Hmm, there is not much you can do about that then. If you still cannot figure it out, I would back up your data and reinstall Windows to start fresh.
  8. absolute worst case scenario if you cannot get it to work with a driver install you could reformat and reinstall windows...which would suck but might have to be done
  9. intel chipset driver from intel web page is the newest. there also ones for ssd if your ruinning one.
    for the mb bios update...go into the bios or runs cpu-z.. on the first page will says bios rev (fx) as x could be from 1-12.
    if it f10 then only need f11 and 12. if it f1 then you need them all.
  10. I would check your memory. Use www.memtest.org for it. Memory can easily make those kind of issues, and since you've crossed out power supply, graphics card and CPU (with prime95 and furmark), it's either software related or it is your memory.
  11. I reinstalled Tribes today and tried playing to see if I fixed the problem, however it crashed all the same. Memtest showed no errors, and ive used driver sweeper + ccleaner to reinstall my graphics card. I checked my BIOS and found it at F7, however hen I go to my motherboards driver download page and I download the F8-F11 BIOS updates, when I try to run them once ive downloaded and extracted it told me that the file is not compatible with the version of windows I am running. However on my Mobo's page there is no option to choose 32bit or 64 bit. Any help?

    Mobo page link: http://www.gigabyte.com/products/product-page.aspx?pid=3778#ov
  12. thats because the bios file that you downloaded needs to be updated in DOS...this is a pretty good how to that shows you how to flash ur BIOS using a bootable flashdrive

  13. ^That, if you are still having issues, then you will need to reinstall Windows to start out fresh.
  14. For the flashing BIOS...do I repeat the process for every single version? (F8-F11) or just for the latest version? (F11)
  15. You can flash the latest version, unless the instructions specifically state otherwise.
  16. When im trying to make my USB bootable I get a error when I try to reformat it. I downloaded the files from my motherboard website and extract it into a file. Then in the HP USB Disk storage format tool, I browse the file that I saved my BIOS update in. However when I press start, it says that there are no valid DOS system files at the specified location. Any help?
  17. Nevermind, got it working. Going to try playing games again later on after updating my BIOS to F11. Just wondering, if this doesn't work, should I take it to the store and get them to sort it out or should I attempt a Windows 7 reinstall first?
  18. attempt a windows reinstall first....the guys at the store dont know much if any more then we do. the only advantage they have is they can physically look at the machine
  19. Hm..after my BIOS update, when windows automatically enters sleepmode after idling, once it enters that sleep mode it won't come out again, and I'll have to restart my comp. Is this some stupid feature of BIOS F11? ._.
  20. check your windows power settings first...there is a button on the left that says choose when the computer goes to sleep...if that doesnt solve it there should be a setting in the bios that has to do with that it will most likely be under the power options.

    did the flash help your other problem with the crashes?
  21. For now i basically set my computer to put the display down after 10 minutes, but never putting the comp to sleep, which seems to solve the problem for now. However last night while shutting down, I left it to do its business but when I got back I got a blue screen with error messages. It says: DRIVER_POWER_STATE_FAILURE. And then tonight, once again while shutting down my PC it lagged on the shutting down screen with the turning thing not moving. The activity wasn't blinking, so I forced the shutdown through the power button. This all started after the BIOS update, :/. However it seems like I am not crashing anymore.. really haven't been playing enough to confirm that though. Help?
  22. that is odd....it may just be a weird issue with windows because of the new BIOS if it becomes a really big issue I think a reformat would solve that one
  23. Hm, now every time I shut down it hangs up in the shutdown screen, and I have to do a forced shut down.
  24. what you can do is boot into safe mode a few times and see if this problem exists there...if it doesnt its an issue with some sort of driver.....I googled this issue and someone said that the Bonjour service that comes with itunes sometimes causes this issue and if you remove it it might solve your problem
  25. Did you check your memory?
  26. @Drums, okay, thanks.

    @Sunius, Yes I have. I ran memtest to 100% without any errors.
  27. well, it was running fine for at least a week, maybe even more, and i thought problem solved. But no, it has just crashed again during a game.. :/ out of ideas now.. T.T
  28. Just once or is it doing it repeatedly again?
  29. its starting again, but ill run memtest again over the night to be sure it isn't a RAM problem.
  30. well, something interesting...i think it became more frequent today as it totally crashed out today again with me looking at the desktop, with SC2 just at the menu and me in a skype call. whats interesting is that before today i never ran skype calls on my PC, as i didn't have a microphone..i went ahead and purchased one today, started answering my skype calls on PC and then it starts lagging out not even in game. Happened twice already today. Also something to note is that when it crashed out while in the menu the buzzing noise did not occur...

    any help?


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