Acer Laptop Hardware Failure?

Hi I'm a noob on this site but I decided to sign up and ask this question in case someone has advice. I recently was carrying my Acer Aspire 7741g-6426 to my car and slipped on a patch of ice. Anyways me and my computer hit the concrete pretty hard. It was turned off at the time of drop but I heard a sound after it hit the ground which sounded like parts moving (possibly the hard drive). When I went to power it on I got the power light flashing for a bit but no boot. Then after a bit the computer started to boot (but the screen stayed completely black) and the fan got really loud and then suddenly shut down. Then it tried to boot up again and this time the fan just got medium loud and kept running at that speed but screen is still completely black...
I have taken the computer apart to inspect whether there are any obvious cracks in the motherboard or broken/loose wiring, etc etc but everything looks good in my eyes. I also tried holding down the power key for 1min while the comp had no battery or ac attached and then reconnecting only to ac. Still same. Finally I tried starting it without the hard drive installed and still the exact same set of responses. What could be wrong with it? Thanks for replies.
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  1. Is it worth paying to have fixed to you? Then you are that point, if your not (laptop repairs are a rip off) then it time to get a screwdriver. Start with the attitude it's all ready broke and anything better than is bonus, but in reality you are probably going to end up just scavenging your hard drive.
  2. What you're telling me is that I should just give up and accept its broken, lol. Not very useful advice
  3. I'm saying if your going to try and fix it yourself go in with the attitude it's already broke anything better than that is a win, even if you just end up saving your data. Laptop suck to work on, all the parts are unique, expensive and a lot are glued down making replacing with out breaking by a novice almost impossible. See if you can find a video of your laptop being disassembled on youtube that should help decide what you should do..
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