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  1. The ASUS has the best reviews overall, but if you are on a tight budget, I would go for the MSI one.
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  3. What is the best maximum budget you are willing to spend? I can help you find a better GPU than those posted above.
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  5. That's not a bad GPU for that price, but if you can stretch your budget to $220, this GPU would rape it and this card OC's well to. Plus Nvidia cards have PhysX that AMD cards do not. It will use a bit more juice though.
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    That's true, but having PhysX for the upcomming Unreal Engine 4 games and Batman, Metro 2033 with PhysX does make a big difference. Also the GTX 480 is great at folding if you do such a thing as Nvidia's Cuda cores are better overall then AMD.

    Since you are on a 450W unit, I would suggest this then.
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  9. Yes indeed, I was able to play vanilla Fallout New Vegas on Ultra with about 30+ FPS on an old GTS 450, lol

    You would be able to play BF3 on high settings with good FPS.
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