Intel HD 4000 vs ASUS AMD Radeon HD 6570

Hi there,

I'm planning on getting a new Intel i5 3570k, but I'm not sure if the integrated graphics (Intel HD 4000) are stronger than my Radeon 6570. I realize this sounds stupid, but I really need to make sure and I've heard lots of conflicting stories and tests. And it's pretty pricy, so I can't mess up.

Thanks a ton!
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    The HD 6570 is better, but if you want to play the latest games with good graphic settings, I would suggest something more powerful than either. What is your budget if you choose to buy a new GPU?,2925-5.html
  2. Hmm. Well, I'll just be using this temporarily, but maybe you can suggest something in the $200 range? Do you need any motherboard statistics?
  3. Yes please, posting your mobo, PSU brand and model would help.

    For $220, this is the best GPU for the money and would destroy any GPU in this price range, but it does use a bit of power and you would need a 600+W PSU with 1 6 pin PCI-E and 8 pin PCI-E power connector.
  4. My Motherboard:

    I'm not sure what my power unit will be, but the case I'm getting is MicroATX, so I need a unit that will fit that. Also, I'd like it if any parts you find could be on Newegg, since I usually shop there.
  5. If you are getting a Micro ATX case, both of the GPU's you and I posted will have a hard time fitting inside it.
  6. In that case, I would choose the GTX 480 as it will fit fine. I would get this PSU to have enough power for the GTX 480. You will be happy with this combo.


  7. isn't the HD6570 ( ) 6.6in x 4.6in though? The specifications of the case say they'll hold cards up to 13in long. Is it a width problem?
  8. Nope, the description of the case states that even GTX 580's would fit fine, so the GTX 480 would fit fine. ;)
  9. Right! Thanks for the suggestion. I've bookmarked that graphics card, and I'll get it once I get the money. For now I'll stick with my Radeon (Not for too long though!).

    Thanks a ton!
  10. No problem, enjoy your future setup soon!
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