Flickering on HDTV via HDMI

I get a persistent flickering on my HDTV using HD6850 connected via HDMI at 1920 x 1080.
I have seen by searching on the Net that quite a few others do too.
Questions arise about GPU's, PSU's ....

However one culprit ive not seen is VIBRATION.

In trying to find an answer i gently flicked the HDMI cable and it reproduces the same flickering.
Know we live in a world of rumbling traffic, ultra sound and so on.
VGA connctors have screws that hold the connection firmly in place.

What might shoot this argument down is that the same problem does not occur with the TV Box to HDTV HDMI connection,
it never flickers, and is not reproduced by flicking the HDMI cable.

So is PC to TV via HDMI more succeptable to interference if the HDMI cable vibrates slightly than other technologies.

You seee it makes no sense to me that its a GPU, PSU .... problem because there are no other symptoms, i have no overheating and i can run
Skyrim on high settings without it crashing constantly, just this annoying flickering,

Regards all.
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  1. Hmm, what a friend of mine did was use a rubber band to hold the HDMI cable firmly. He looped the rubber band from the sides of the rear plate of the GPU from inside the case and wraped around the cable. It helped his issue since he lives next to rail road tracks and every time a freight train would roll by, he would get those flickers like you mentioned. He thinks it may be the cable itself. Have you tried using a different HDMI cable?
  2. Yes, ive tried others and the flickering persists.
    I'm wanting it not to be a faulty HD6850, the cable vibration is all i can think of - there are no other problems, which i imagine there would be if it was GPU or PSU ...
    But its odd it does not happen with the VM box to HDTV connection.

    Both TV box and PC are the same distance form the TV.

  3. Here is a crappy MS paint pic I did to get the idea of what I'm talking about, kinda like what folks do to HDD's so that vibrations is not of a concern.

    If all else fails, then I would RMA the GPU and hope that is the issue. I've never had that issue with HDMI cables on my GPU's in the past.
  4. Sorry - I would RMA the GPU ???.

    There is another issue, i have a very good quality HDMI cable, but it's 30 ft long.
    When i plug it in, HD6850 to Panasonic 42inch HDTV i get no picture at all, presumably it is just too long for the card to handle ???.
  5. It sounds like it could be the HDMI port is defective on the card. It should not be flickering with the cable or have no picture regardless of length of cable. Have you tried my solution with the rubber band?

    Also, try connecting the HDMI cable into another port on the TV.
  6. I have rang Amazon to return the card, so know ineed a replacement, any recommendations.
    I think the Nvidia GTX 460 is an equivalent, but it uses more power.
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