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I am a online college student and I am looking for new laptop mostly I use my computer for accessing blackboard, browsing the internet, email, facebook and things of that nature I was wondering would getting AMD instead of Intel really make a difference.
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  1. doesnt really matter that much for those things.

    quality (keyboard, screen, etc) and battery life might be what you want to look at more.
  2. For those things, no it won't matter. If you're looking to get into light gaming, AMD has the better laptop on the market for the purpose, but hell I use a 5 year old laptop with a Core2Duo for the very same thing (school and occasional away from home gaming), it works just fine. Go with whatever is cheaper, and as mentioned, quality, battery life, etc. I'd suggest avoiding Acer.
  3. Ditto on the above answers, for your usage the processors performance wouldn't matter.
    Get the best laptop, not the best CPU you can afford.
  4. Yea i agree. Any laptop really would do the job Just get which ever is cheaper. just make sure you have 4gb of ram+ so you can have as much tabs as you like :-) haha.

    I personally prefer asus laptops. There great. Really though as long as you got pretty much any cpu and the desired ram you want 4gb+ you will be fine
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