GTX 580s in surround looking for extra card!

I currently am running two GTX 580 superclocked with a small overclock (900MHz gpu, 2150 mem) in 2d surround on 3 Dell 2412M in portrait. I'm looking for a SINGLE SLOT / LOW PROFILE card that I could use to power two other monitors that would be running League of Legends / streaming at maximum. Currently running a GTX 275 that was grandfathered in and its sapping power from my 580s running them like ***.

tl;dr - Need recommendations for low profile or single slot gpu, powerful enough to power 1080p x2 and be able to run League, TDP as low as possible.
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  1. mention your all specs?
  2. Sorry about that,

    GTX 580 superclocked x2
    GTX 275 superclocked
    Raid 0 Sammy 830 256 GB
    WD Cav black x4
    WD cav green x2
    Gigabyte G1 asssassin
    i7 960
    Enermax Fulmo GT

    I am willing (and actually looking) to get a second power supply installed on the top and using a 24pin adapter to boot it (I've done it before with my older builds)
  3. why not to put one single high-end gpu.
  4. Play BF3 @ 3805x1920 w/ 80FPS consistant @ high. I'm not going back to non surround portrait.
  5. Any recommendation of a single slot / low profile card that still gives me access to my 3.0 headers?
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    I would just sell your GTX 580's and the 275 and that should pay for 2 GTX 670's 4GB cards that will have the VRAM needed to run surround view and would actually stomped your SLI 580's too while only using the energy of GTX 560 Ti's.

    I can play BF3 on Ultra above 60+ FPS at 1080p. That's with VSYNC on as well.
  7. @EL tigre, i was considering that too. good idea.
  8. I'm just looking to pull out a cheapo / decent single card until I finish up finalizing my 2011 build... Can I get a card recommendation until then?

    2012 xmas gift to myself ;
    690 in sli (thats TWO 690s)
    64GB vengeance (C10s not C9's, 4black and 4red)
    new sammy 830 256gb's x4 for raid 10
    h|t omega e clario
  9. OMG, thats would be really crazy machine,
  10. I bought the GTX 580s when they were being scalped at a crazy $650 a card (before the 3gb ver's were announced).

    Keeping on target though, any single card ideas?
  11. Eh, in that case, I would not even bother wasting money on a new cheapo GPU unless you sell the GTX 275 first, then a GTX 560 with 2GB VRAM should be enough. Since you are running 2 more monitors with those games, you will need more graphics punch than any single slot card I can think off and will need 2 slots.
  12. I was thinking of the GTX 560, as for the GTX 275 selling, thats 70$ and about a tank of gas that lasts me 5 days (9MPG 17 gal tank. Fuckin 645Ci drinks like a Hummer...) The problem / reason why I'm looking for a low profile or single slot card is that my 275s are blocking off my internal 3.0 headers.

    The fact that you mentioned the 670s reminded me that the 680s and ect are FINALLY in a manageable supply and not getting scalped (ily forever amazon). Looking @ the 680 lightnings, might get them in sli and run this 1366 as a spare / backup / guest gamer. Anybody know a realistic TDP for MSI 680 lightning in sli?
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  14. I've decided to spring for the GTX 680 Lightnings, thanks for the input folks!
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