Nvidia sli 680 motherboard PC shuts down after 2min

Have a nvidia sli 680 mother board which all of a sudden shuts down after +- 2 minutes. Enough time to get in bios and see the on board temperature of the cpu is round about 62 degrees celsius when it happens.

Any one care to help pls
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  1. 62C in the BIOS...at idle?
  2. It sounds like the cpu cooler isn't getting the job done.

    Is the fan spinning? Have you tried reinstalling the heatsink/thermal paste.

    Is the CPU voltage normal?
  3. Yes - within 2 minutes from start up. Then it shuts down.
    Only 1 hardrive and 1 mem module and Grafix Card.
  4. Thought something like that. But has now run into a different problem.

    I took out Grafix Card and try to restart. Now the pc does not power up at all.

    Also have noticed that some of the capacitors on the grafix card(NVidia 8600 GT) has popped.

    Thanks 4 the help so far.
  5. Two different components with issues in the same computer...

    The PSU and the motherboard are the common components. Since we don't know the voltages the PSU was sending to the MB, it's pretty much a coin-flip at this point.

    There are a lot of considerations moving forward from here.

    A bad PSU could damage a new MB and vise-versa . However, I suspect the MB is a more "sensitive" component and would thus take my chances with a new power supply, but you also have a (needed) new video card in the mix. And you don't want to risk damaging the video card with a defective motherboard.

    Do you have any "sacrificial" components from old computers you can use for further troubleshooting? Or does your suspect motherboard have on-board graphics you might try?
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