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Just finished building my first pc ...all the fans turn on..including ththe ones only getting power from the mobo, and the disk drive opens but I get no signal on the monitor...I have also tried using an are my specs:
CPU: amd Phenom 2 quad core 3.4ghz black ediiton
Graphics: msi gtx 570 twin frozr 2
Motherboard: asrock 970 extreme 3 am3+
Psu: rosewill hive 650w
Case: rosewill challenger
Ram: team xtreme 8gb (2x4gb
DVD drive: Asus DVD burner
Heatsink: Cooler master hyper 212 evolution
Hdd: western digital caviar blue 1TB hdd
Any help is much appreciated!!
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  1. If you have extra power connectors for the graphics card, try them instead of the ones you are using now.

    Try the other PCI-E slot.
  2. I have tried both pci express slots...and the card came with 2 molecular to 6 pin connectors and i tried those instead of psu power change
  3. Have you tried different cables between the video card and the monitor(s).

    If you know it's not the monitors and it's not the cable(s), then it's most likely the video card or the motherboard.
  4. No I haven't tried another monitor cable but I have tried an HDMI to a TV and it did nnot wwork either. Do u reccomend just doing an RMA on both since I'm unsure as to which is causing problems?
  5. If you can, sure.
  6. And I'm assuming iit woouldnt be a CPU or ram issue would it?
  7. I have totally jacked up ram settings before, while trying to overclock, and still got a notification that my overclock failed...on the computer screen.

    You can try one stick at a time in each of the slots just to be sure. (It's very unlikely) you have two bad sticks out of the box.

    As for the CPU, it could also cause the computer not to boot at all. Are you getting any beep error codes?
  8. No beep or or error codes, even removed all ram to try to envoke beeps, nothing. And it wouldnt be the graphics card isn't compatible is it? I mean it is a nvidia gtx 570 and my mobo and processor are amd bbut I was told it would work fine.
  9. Compatibility shouldn't be an issue. The no beeps thing makes me think your video card may be ok and something is going on with the MB. (To a lesser extent, the CPU is a suspect)
  10. Well do cpu's have a chance to be broken out of the box? Because i ccan ggurantee iI didn't bend any prongs when inserting it...and maybe its just the pci e slots? Because things hooked only tto mobo are still getting power.
  11. Yes, but it's a vary small chance.
  12. So as far as rma think I should rma graphics and mobo? Or just the mobo?
  13. I would probably just RMA the MB at this point. With the info so far, I *think* it's the MB, but I can't be sure.

    My suspect list in order of likelihood:

    1) MB
    2) Video Card
    3) CPU
    4) PSU

    Sorry I can't give you a more definitive answer.
  14. Man no problem, you helped diagnose the problem at least, thanks for the help. I'm going over to aa friends house tomorrow to test my graphics card in his PC to see if i can eliminate that ffrom the list of suspects, hopefully I can find all the things that came with my mobo in the mess of equipment on my table so i can RMA it back to newegg, also hoping they have a fast turn around.
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