Ati radeon hd 6670 ddr5 on my RS480M2 mob

i had built this pc way back in college time, 2005 for gaming use. it has a msi r480m2 mobo (
Now i use it at my office or autocad purpose,photoshop and wish to play fifa 2011,12,13 on it. For this i decided to upgrade my graphic to Ati radeon 6670 .
The only doubti have is whether it will work on my PCI E x16 V1.0 slot.

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  1. of course it will work fine.
  2. also i have one more query,,my SMPS is 350 watt according to India this PSU enough for 6670 .
  3. u might wanna look at this 1, prettiest 6670 I've seen
  4. As i opened my cabinet and checked the pcie slot( ), i wonder if this card ( ) will fit onto it as the RTL 8100C ship on motherboard will block the projection in front of the graphi card. Also there is no opening on my cabinet ...if any one has any idea?
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    There will be no issue with your pc, all the pci-e slots are backward compatible to each other which mean they work fine. Yes, 350w is enought for that.
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  7. I would like to add one more update... I purchased 6670 and tried to install it on my MSI rs480m2 motherboard. My PC Config is 3 GB DDR ram, AMD Athlon 3200+ 64 bit, 500 watt PSU (VIP GOLD)......It got installed but sadly my pc speed decreased to half even after formatting my PC and installing 64 bit drivers for my Win 7 enterprise 64 bit...In my opinion, dont try this config at home....
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