FX 8320 overclocking troubles

I upgraded from an Athlon II X3 to an FX 8320 yesterday. I went straight in for the overclocking and quickly found it is a lot more complicated than my old CPU. I am just wondering what sort of voltages I should be setting. i.e.

CPU voltage max: (I read 1.5 is the max)
CPU/NB voltage: (going for around 2600Mhz on the NB with 1.3v but not stable)
VDDA Voltage:
NB voltage:
NB HT voltage:

and what about the LLC (Load Line Calibration)

I running:
ASUS M5A99x mobo
2x2GB G.Skill RipJaw 1600Mhz 7-8-7-22 timing
MSI 7850PE
OCZ 600w stealth PSU

Thanks for reading.

Any advice guys?
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  1. I have a Zalman 9700NT CPU cooler. Got it running at 8350 speeds with a 2400Mhz NB all auto voltages. My CPU/NB voltage has defaulted to 1.4v is this too high?
  2. use google to find over clocking sites , they will have loads of info you need to know for over clocking your cpu.
  3. Yeh iv had a little look. not too many in depth guides on FX overclocking tho and from what I read on some of the forums a lot of mixed opinions on voltages.
  4. It's just like overclocking any other CPU, raise the multiplier one bit at a time, when it becomes unstable: raise the voltage a tiny bit and try again, keep doing this until you get your desired CPU speed

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