Comp running very slow, need urgent help!

Yesterday I decided to open up my comp to find a massive amount of dust everywhere. I tried cleaning it with a vaccuum but it was too week so I used aerosol spray cans to get rid of all the dust and what not.

After cleaning everything up, I booted my PC up to find it running very, very slow. It'll lag here and there, can't even play any games or watch videos without it stuttering.

Speedfan results:

GPU : 61 C
System : 39C
CPU : 65 C
AUX : 29 C
SMIOVT4 : 40c
SMIOVT5: 40c
SMIOVT6: 40c
HD0: 37C
Core 0 : 96 C

I opened my comp while it was running to check if all fans work and how hot it gets, it's actually cool inside and all the fans work properly. I've also used CCleaner to clean out my registry, which did seem to make a difference.

I'm running an I5 3.5 ghz, gtx 580, power supply at 750 watts, 8gb memory.

Let me know if I should post any stats about my comp and how to do it, I'm not a very tech knowledgeable.
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  1. Your CPU should not be 96C. Did you happen to knock around or otherwise fiddle with the CPU cooler when you cleaned it out? Also, by aerosol you mean you used compressed air, right?
  2. Core 0 refers to the CPU? the CPU cooler is the fan ontop of my processor right? which requires thermal paste? I didn't do anything to it other then blow on it and get the dust off the edges with a brush. And yes, compressed air.
  3. Sorry for double post, but on Core Temp 1.0, my readings are:

    Core 0: 92C
    Core 1: 89C
    Core 2: 89C
    Core 3: 90C
    TJ. Max: 98C
    Power: 13.3 Watts

    Is the power supply the problem? I don't understand, all the fans are working fine and none of the components are getting too hot to touch.

    Also, my comp is now running relatively stable without the random lag spikes here and there, only when browsing though. I tried opening a game up but it was almost unplayable.
  4. Sorry for the late response. Yes, the CPU cooler is the fan on the processor. Those are referring to the individual core temperatures, and those are dangerously high. I sincerely doubt this is an issue with your power supply (unless there's some witchcraft involved here), it's most likely an issue with your CPU cooler being seated incorrectly. The easiest solution to that is to uninstall it, remove all the thermal paste, reapply the paste, and then reinstall it.

    Question: Is the cooler the default Intel cooler (looks something like this), or one you bought and installed yourself?
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