Using 1 GPU for PhysX and one for normal rendering.

So yeah, I am upgrading my system.
The thing is that I have an Nvidia 9600gt and I want to use it as a PhysX card.
My new GPU will be a GTX 560 which will do all other rendering work.
My 2 questions are:
1) Is it even possible to use the 9600gt as a PhysX card?
20 How do I set the thing up? I mean how do I configure it (Settings in Nvidia control panel and stuff)
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    1. Yes it is.
    2. Go to Set PhysX configuration under 3D settings in NVIDIA Control Panel, and then select the 9600 gt.

    It's pretty simple :). Just make sure that your power supply will support it (enough wattage).
  2. Ok thanks bro.
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