Kernel-Power issue?

I'm currently running into the above stated issue.
Asus M5a990fx
Balistix 8gb 1866mhz DDR3
Antec earthbound 750watt PSU
MSI Radeon hd 7870 twin frozer III

So to begin, when I play a game say tera. For approximately 4hours give or take. I'm presented with a hard hard. Pc on responsive no screen image and the keyboard or mouse functionality. Forced to reset my power button.

Deactivated the sencond hd audio driver(nothing)
Deactivated any duplicated drivers (nothing)
Ran at optimized defaults(nothing)
Memtest(no error)
Checkdisk(no errors)
Removed ram and switched slots (nothing)
Reseated CPU cooler (nothing)
Changed PSU to dedicated wall outlet(nothing)
Cleared cmos(nothing)
Removed gpu and ram, attached speaker(no beeps)
Removed everything except CPU (no beeps)
Cleared cmos(nothing)

Strange enough I can boot pc even after I have uninstalled all components and but them back. Solves the dead motherboard answer.
At this point I'm confused I don't know what to do, I did notice my ram is not at its rated speed but timings are right. I see profiles in xmb for the ram but not sure if I should change it.

Any help would be great thanks!! :(
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  1. try this and what it could find and report
  2. ok i will give it a shot.

    Update Uninstalled windows and reinstalled it now i noticed a lot of stuff is not responding and it takes a while for it to simple processes that should take no time..i will come back with report..
  3. be around for result
  4. Ok so i'm sorry i took so long to respond.
    After constant trial and error and trying to find out what was casing the issue's returned a lot of items and got exchanges, PSU, Memory.

    Turned out to be something i would have never thought of had i not exhausted all other avenue's. Basically it was my HDD and not from bad sectors as you would assume but from outdated firmware 0.o?? i thought it was strange cause for one i never thought that could cause such issue's but now that i think about it that could definitely effect your file system and the HDD has less ability to gather its information for registries and any other applications.

    But none the less issue is resolved and i would like to thank you guys for your help!! :D
  5. well i learn something new thank to share that with us
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