Xfx radeon 6770 wierd noise

when ever i start a game my graphics card produces a wierd noise i know its not the fan but something else its like it is coming from the core of the gpu
can any body help me my pc spec is pentium dual core e5700 3gb ddr3 ram 450watt psu i have catalyst 12.6
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  1. The only part that would make sense to make noise is the fan, nothing else moves. Is it like a whining sound? If so thats just the fan blowing air off the heatsink.
  2. even when i scroll it produces that sound i don't know what is it does anybody has the same issue
  3. it is like a fazzy sound
  4. It could be that the capacitors or memory chips giving off an electrical hum or something... sometimes this means they're ready to blow if it's what I've heard before.
  5. can they be replaced...... but my card is new
  6. If it's new either take it back where you got it, or submit an RMA ticket to the manufacturer to see if that would qualify.
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