Best graphics card i can use with 380w

best graphics card i can use with 380w antec earthwatts power supply.

PC has E7400, 1 hard drive, 6GB RAM, x64 windows 7, 1 dvd drive.

currently have HIS 4670 512mb.

can currently play skyrim with kinda low FPS.

Thanks for help!
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  1. HD 7750 doesn't require any external power connectors. This card is often recommended for 300 watt PS.

    Using Extreme Power Supply Calculator and your system info, you could go up to HD 7770, HD 6850/6870 if you don't add anything else to your PC. Personally, I would go with the power efficient HD 7770 which performs similarly to HD 6850. No overclocking is assumed.

  2. the card has bad reviews lol
  3. mongii said:
    the card has bad reviews lol

    Which one?

    64 fps at 1680x1050 on Skyrim Elder Scrolls with HD 7770 (76 fps HD 6850).
    35 fps at 1920x1200 with HD 7770 (better than HD 6850's 23 fps).

  4. Go with an HD 6850. The gigabyte version only requires a single 6pin.

    Everything is bound to have a few bad reviews, people are 10X more likely to complain about a product than to go and submit positive reviews.
  5. the 7750

    if i decide to up my power supply to this

    it has a 28a on the +12v, whats the best card i can run on it?
  6. Your earthwatts has a combined 32A on the +12v, which is good enough for the Gigabyte 6850 I listed earlier. It lists 400W as a minimum, but the earthwatts is not a cheap PSU and will easily run that.

    Again, it only requires a single 6pin... meaning it draws a max of 150W.
  7. your right i see
  8. mongii said:
    the 7750

    if i decide to up my power supply to this

    it has a 28a on the +12v, whats the best card i can run on it?

    This is a better buy in the same price range. Review here:

  9. An Earthwatts to a Corsair builder is not an upgrade is what I was getting at... and a 6850 is the max/best you can run... which was your question.
  10. mongii said:

    HIS has a slightly faster effective memory clock of 1100 MHz (vs. 1050 MHz on the Gigabye)....HIS has a 2 year warranty. 3 years on the Gigabyte. HIS might have a better cooler/

  11. yeah, gigabyte one does not say that it needs a 6pin power connector tho, does that matter? or prolly just newegg missed to put it in there.
  12. I have them in my shop right now lol.. they only require a single 6 pin. One of the main selling points over their ASUS counterpart.

    I'm currently at work on what turned out to be a boring Saturday and I literally have one in my hand. lol. I retail them for $150 if you're in Halifax, NS, Canada :P
  13. so both gigabyte and his require 1x 6 pin right? which do u recommend?

    fyi, right now i have a gigabyte motherboard, and an HIS video card. my HIS video card right now fully funtional and served me well, tech is just way behind the times thats why im upgrading.

    so i dont mind getting another HIS card, but since i have a Gigabyte mobo, would it be better, or smoother to have a gigabyte cards aswell or does it matter lol.


    lol im far out south @ florida
  14. Since it's hot in Florida, I would get the HIS due to the "cooler" theoretically, it should be a bit faster. I think that you would be happy either way.

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