Motherboard won't turn on-Yes I checked the checklist

Hey all. The LED on the motherboard won't go on when I try to test my power supply. I disconnected everything except the IDE cable and the 12VATX power connector. Both are in the right place. Does this mean the power supply is no good? I find it highly unlikely that it is a dud. Unless this happens often.

Edit: Yes, I checked this link:
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  1. Unplug the IDE cable, its not necessary at the moment, and instead, plug in the 20+4pin cable, as well as the 4/8pin Atx cable,
  2. Sorry. I meant to say ATX Power Connector, my apologies.
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    So you have those plugged in and the pwrsw cable and the system won't start when you press the power switch?
    Try this,
    If it doesn't fire up from that then the Psu is possibly doa, some Psu's require a minimum load though so try with a couple of fans on the molex line as well
  4. Hey. I tried that, and the PSU works. Which means, that the motherboard is a dud then? Here's the problem: My CPU and CPU fan is installed on the motherboard.... What do I do now lol.
  5. If you give it one last shot at posting (whilst threatening to smash it with a hammer)
    see how it goes, if not then start the Rma process with the mobo vendor, once you have an Rma number from them, take your cpu and heatsink off, clean them with isopropyl alcohol and put them back in the box until the replacement mobo gets here
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  7. Yeah I already did all that. I've been through some much with this PC, that I don't even want it anymore lol.
  8. It'll all come together man, hope all goes well with the Rma for you :-)
    And thankyou for B.A., even though we weren't able to resolve ths
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