Help me pick affordable case for my new build

Hi everyone,

When I started to search components for my build I thought to take my old case. Since I took almost everything brand new Ive deiced to take new case too. Problem is that I cant spent too much money on new case.

These are my components:
- Intel i5 3570k
- 2 x 4GB Kingston HyperX Beast 2400MHz
- Gigabyte GA-Z77-DS3H
- Seasonic S12II-620Bronze or Seasonic M12II-620Bronze (second one is modular)
- Seagate Barracuda 1TB, SATA 3, 64Mb Cache
- Sony DVD/RW

These are my requirements for case:
- $30-60
- USB 3.0 ports on front are more than welcome
- dust filters are desirable
- good airflow in case
- good build quality

So far I found:
BitFenix Merc Alpha -
Enermax Ostrog -
Sharkoon T9 Value -
Sharkoon VS3-V -
MS-Tech CA-021 -
MS-Tech CA-0210 -

Feel free to share your prepositions or let me know what is your favorite from my list.
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  1. Of those cases the Ostrog seems like a good case with nice features, but I don't know about the build quality. I could suggest you some cases:

    Haf 912:
    Zalman Z11 Plus
    Corsair 200R:

    Any of those three cases have a good build quality, nice features and fits your budget.
  2. Surprisingly all of those 3 cases are pretty expensive on Amazon & Ebay in Europe
    - Haf: 86 Euros ($114)
    - Zalman Z11 Plus - 65 Euros ($86)
    - Corsair 200R - 70 Euros ($93)

    Also I found two more cases:

    BitFenix Outlaw

    COUGAR Solution
  3. The Bitfenix Mec Alpha seems like a good quality budget case, also the Bitfenix Outlaw. Search something from NZXT, like the Source 220, Source 210/210 Elite.
  4. My friend from Geneva is not impressed with NZXT cases, so I would pass that brand.
  5. The all time number one best selling mid tower case for individuals on a tight budget is the Antec Three Hundred. Case cooling and airflow are outstanding. There are several variations of the case. Here is an example:
  6. Antec is great, but in Europe on-line markets I cant find anything under $80 :fou:
  7. Bitfenix makes some amazing budget cases. The outlaw would be an excellent choice.
  8. gamingboy said:
    Bitfenix makes some amazing budget cases. The outlaw would be an excellent choice.
    For now that my favorite too. But I will wait a little longer, maybe someone will come up with even better solution.
  9. Please let me know what you do you guys think about this case Cooler Master K280:

    (Up to three fans on front, USB 3.0 on front, 3 tool-free slots, 3 centimeters wider than BitFenix Merc Alpha). I am worried about PSU mesh, is it too small? How do you compare this case to BitFenix Merc Alpha?
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