PCI express Problem

Hello, I wanna make this setup:

CPU:Intel Pentium G860
GPU:Asus GTX 650Ti

My problem and my question is will they work together?
Im asking this because the motherboard has only one
PCIexpress 3.0 x16 slot. My CPU is PCIexpress 2.0 and
GPU is PCIexpress 3.0.

Please answer me if you know about these stuff.
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  1. It will work fine. GPU is backward compatible.
  2. HOW DA FUDGE CAN A PROCESSOR BE PCI EXPRESS 2.0 . it will work fine btw
  3. It will work 100%.Pci exp are backward compaitable so pci 3.0gpu will work in pci e slot 2.0,1.0.There will no performance loss if you put pci exp 3.0 card in pci exp 2.0 slot.you are good to go.
  4. +1 haider95
  5. I think u didn't understand. My mobo has just pci express 3.0 slot. But i heard that a CPU (mine is Pentium G860) that supports only PCI express 2.0 GPUs can't work with pci express 3.0 slots. Is that right?
  6. Yes you are right.2nd and 3rd gen cpu has pci express controller so it depends on cpu that it is pci 2.0 or pci 3.0
  7. will they work with pentium G860?
  8. Yes it will work perfectly fine, but since the processor doesn't support PCI 3.0, the GPU will run using PCI 2.0
  9. Yes it will run 100%.even you can see my rig pci 3.0 gpu in pci 2.0 cpu !
  10. Yes that u should know that the GPU will be installed in PCI express 3.0 slot. It will work here too?
  11. Yes it should be fine like said, if the Pci-e slot states its only 2.0 a 3.0 card should work fine, it should have a fallback mode to 2.0 on the graphics card if the the slot is 2.0 on the motherboard. Good to go vaggospro should have no problems like most of the guys are saying.
  12. The slot on the motherboard is 3.0, Gpu is also 3.0. The problem is the cpu (pentium G860) that supports only pci express 2.0.
  13. Sorry but the cpu has nothing to do with Pci-express 2.0, its the board that handles all of that.

    With the chip set on the motherboard.

    North and South bridge chips on the motherboard,handle the Pci-e express slot, be it 2.0 standard or 3.0 standard. And all the other expansion ports or devices you are able to connect to the motherboard. Not the Cpu.

    Your confusing the fact that the Cpu also, has an Intel HD 4000, or 3000 graphics solution on the same Die stating it will run at Pci-e 2.0 spec. However the board states it will run a Pci-e 3.0 graphics card in the Pci-e card slot. since you are not using the in built graphics solution Incorporated as part of the Cpu. you will switch that option off in the bios and select the Pci-e graphics slot of the board with the card in as your default primary output display to the monitor.

    So there is no problem at all, it will work. 3.0 graphics card in the 3.0 spec Pci-e card slot of the motherboard. There is no problem vaggospro.
    It will be good to go, I hope this has helped you to understand how it all works anyway.
    vaggospro. Good luck.
  14. ok man thank you a lot
  15. Vaggospro, You are correct, even on the Intel website it says: under expansion options, it says PCIe revision. PCIe 2.0... Basically this means that the CPU supports PCIe 2.0 cards.

    I have that CPU and i also have a EVGA GTX 650.

    Im not sure if there is a way to check if My GPU is running on 2.0 instead of 3.0. But I bet it is. And I will tell you why.
    I am experiencing 'stuttering' and I have done my research which has led me to bandwidth.
    Bandwidth is the computer equivalent to a highway/road. The bigger it is the more info can be sent at a time/recieved.

    If my theory is true than my PCIe3.0 card is running at 2.0 and the bandwidth is cut in half. And the CPU is bottlenecking it causing FPS issues. If it was running on its normal 3.0 setting than my card would be reaching full potential and not be bottlenecked. Only a theory, but this would require a new CPU:( hope this helps and i know this is about 4 months late

    EDIT: My Gpu is indeed only running in PCIe 2.0 NOT PCIe 3.0 (4/10/2013)
  16. vaggospro said:
    ok man thank you a lot

    Did it work because i am wondering the same thing?
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