How to fix flashing black horizontal line while gaming?

Guys can you help me how to fix what i noticed while gaming?

actually its not so serious while gaming.. i noticed it in cut scenes.. for example in COD MW3, while changing scenes in cut scenes.. i noticed that flashing black horizontal lines...
what should i do? can you give me steps how to fix this?

here's my PC Specs..

GPU: Sapphire HD6850 1gb GDDR5
PSU: Cooler Master GX650watts
MoBo: Asrock 970 Extreme 4
CPU: Bulldozer FX4100 3.6gHz
Chassis: Aerocool VS9
19" LED Monitor (1360x768)

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  1. Do you have vertical sync enabled?

    If you take a screen shot does the line show up in the image?
  2. wait i'll try to take a screen shot.. wait a minute..
  3. hey man.. i used fraps to screen shot repeatedly..

    the black horizontal lines did not appear in any of those shots..
  4. Edit: Ignore this post, I didn't see your newest reply when typing. /edit

    What type of cable do you use? Do you have another cable you can try?
  5. man i turned on vsync.. it doesnt appear anymore!! but its a lil bit laggy.. =(
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    See if you can enable triple-buffering, that might get rid of some input lag.
  7. ok ok.. i'll enable triple buffering in my AMD Catalyst..

    but what does it for? hehe
  8. wow!! i works great!!

    but how can triple buffering reduce laggs??
  9. I'm not sure on the exact details myself, I've never looked into what it does exactly too much, but there is some info on wikipedia:
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