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A10 5800k vs i3 3220

please guys help me decide...i need to make an all purpose needs would include ms word/internet surfing and video streaming/online with secondlife/some coding/movies and music/very occasional light gaming(not too much)
according to what is available in my country and my very very tight budget i can either go with
a10 - 5800k
the total cpu using an a10 will cost around 2500 inr higher as compared to i3 3220 which i can use to buy a graphics card with i3 ....but with that money i can buy a mere 6450 or 5450 or 610

so what would you guys prefer
a10 or i3 + 6450/5450/610
i wont be doing o/c much on the a10 just for fun maybe.....

thanks in advance
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  1. For your use I would go with the A10, there is no benefit from those GPU cards in any of what you do.
  2. can you please tell me why you chose the a10..i could also use the i3 without the cards ...saving me 2500 inr
  3. Well The A10 has superior graphics and as you say you game a little. It is better at multitasking or handle multithreaded applications. Here is a review of it as well.
  4. if gaming wasnt a part of my needs would it be of use better than i3 for something say like online video streaming or secondlife and stuff??
  5. in the graphs i its surprising how i3 is beating a10 in like 90%of tests
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    Either of the two processors would handle the the things you have mentioned fine.With a10-5800k though you get much superior graphics which is good enough for some level of gaming even with some new titles as well while many would refuse to even work with IGP of i3 3220.
    The integrated graphics unit in a10-5800k with a 1600MHz CL9 RAM would be nearly as fast as hd6570 or just a touch slower.
    Go for what you think is appropriate for your needs.
  7. if you get the amd cpu make sure to get at least 1600mhz of ram since that cpu can take advandage of high speed ram!
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