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I just built my first computer and here are the specs:
Motherboard: MSI Z77A-GD65
Processor: Intel i5 2.4 ghz
memory: MSI Tetris 32 gig
Video: Raedon 7700 (2011-2012)
Hard Drive: Seagate 7200 RPM 750 gig

I loaded Windows 7 on it.

Here is my issue: Everything is running smoothly except a few games that keep freezing (Diablo 3 & Starcraft 2). I had it overclocked using the BIOS settings - then I set it back to "Normal" mode. Still no change. Can anyone help me with the proper settings for my system and video to ensure it won't freeze. Right now the temp and processors on both the video and main board seem to be cool and are not being fully used. Thanks in advance
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  1. This could be a Direct X issue or a driver issue. Even without over-clocking, the CPU shouldn't be causing the freezing. The 7700 probably isn't powerful enough to run those games on the highest settings. I don't game on Radeons so I had to look it up, but it seems to be a pretty low end card.
  2. diablo runs on a lot of low end cards i ran it on a 6950 so u should b fine but u definently dont have to oc the card for that
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