Why crossfire 6950 if a year later it's the same price!

Maybe someone can give me some insight here. I have from the get-go planned to crossfire my 6950. It's now almost a full year later, and the card is the same price, and to top it off I think Asus discontinued their build.

So I'm thinking, why would anyone crossfire? If the 6950 didn't drop in price, I can sell it second hand for even more. I can then just upgrade to a stronger single GPU and probably gain relatively the same performance increase.

Can someone clear this up for me? Is it normally not supposed to be like this?
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  1. You should probably take a course in business, or read up business strategies, price fixing, indirect competition, and look at the current state of computer hardware, gaming consoles, game engines, and whatever else fits.

    There wasn't much of an upgrade in GPUs from this year and last. Low end GPUs don't usually disappear, while the older higher ends usually drop about $50. Give it another year, and watch the price fall $100 from it's original price, it's not like in two years that you won't be able to run any newer games at low settings with crossfire HD6950. The HD6950 can run basically any game with a decent processor at max or near-max settings.
  2. that and they did drop in price. a sapphire 6950 was on sale about a month ago on newegg for $200...
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