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I need to know if I can trust AOC for my new monitor. I am shopping a 27" AOC for my Eyfinity 3 Radeon 5450HD. I have 2 Samsung monitors; 1, 23" for my DVI (a 1080) & 1, 32" for my HDMI (1080). I was trying to set up a Westinghouse 22" with the group but found that it would not work due to the fact that it is not a 1080 res. The Westinghouse, for everyone's info, has been a fantastic monitor from the beginning about 10 years ago. I do recommend them, good product, good price. I have never owned an AOC but have found them in uncertain areas of sales lists so I have decided to ask. It is important to shop and shop to be sure when it comes to electronics. Can anyone help with a little advice?
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  1. AOC makes monitors that lack some of the features of higher end units to bring the cost down....I do not personally have any experience with AOC but my philosphy in life is that you get what you pay a cheap tv you get a cheap panel....could die sooner then a nice panel might have a slow response rate (causes ghosting) you could also have input lag with cheap tv's.....that being said I think I read somewhere that AOC uses samsung panels? I am not positive it was AOC or some other no name brand... can someone confirm or deny this?
  2. Using one right now, they are fragile but the image quality is very decent. They also have vga and dvi hookup unlike some monitors that only have vga or dvi. Also works with older computers without much fuss.
  3. Ive owned 2 Asus led lcd, 3samsung lcd 2 Acer, and 2 aoc and to my dissapointment the only one si had bad experience with are the both AOC had Dead Pixels within 2 months
    My advice DONT buy that crap if you buy cheap go Acer and if not Samsung
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