Acer laptop doesnt turn on nor does it charge

my acer aspire 5742 laptop won't turn on nor charge.when i plug it with the charger the light will not light up and no matter how much i press the start button it does not boot up.
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  1. Hi

    do you know if the problem is the external power supply or the laptop ?

    does the power supply have a led to show it is connected to the mains?
    In UK the mains plug (BS1363) would have a fuse which may have failed.

    A volt meter (or multimeter) can be used to test the output of the power supply (typically 18V or 19V)

    If buying a replacement power supply be aware that many cheap replacements are poor quality and counterfeit


    Mike Barnes
  2. I'm having the same problem. I have an Acer Aspire 5472-6494. This is the third time my battery has completley run down on accident. The first time it was because I had set the laptop to hibernate with not enough battery power remaining. It died before it could hibernate. A girl at school had the same laptop as me and when I put her battery in my laptop, my laptop not only turned on, it charged her battery. She charged my battery in her laptop. THe second time it happened, I was at home for a weekend and Dad called Acer Technical support and they walked him through how to make it start, but we forgot and shut down his laptop before printing the directions in case of it happening again. We reset my laptop to hibernate with plenty of battery power left and I haven't had any problems since. I was plugged into a bad outlet this weekend, and it happened again. There was enough power in the outlet for my laptop to think that it was charging when it wasn't. Since it was actually running on battery power, it shut down all of a sudden with my battery being completely dead. I'm no longer at school so I can't switch with the girl a did before, and my laptop is just out of warrenty, so Acer will only help us if we send them my laptop and 200.

    Dad checked my power cord and it is fine. I'm assuming that my laptop just needs to be told that it's okay to turn on somehow or that it's okay to charge the battery. But it won't turn on without a charged battery and it won't charge the battery without turning on first...
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