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I am considering upgrading the processor on my laptop from the Intel Pentium P6200 to a Core I5-520M. They both seem to fit the same socket, G1, but I'm not completely sure because some pages say the Pentium is a G1(rPGA988A) and the I5 is a G1(PGA988), so is there a difference and will this work?

My second question is, will I also need to purchase a new heatsink for the I5 so I have one designed to cool an I5 instead of a Pentium?

Thanks for your help.
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  1. Upgrading laptops is pretty hard, but do-able. As far as I know, the i5 should fit the G1 socket. Also you will have to get a specific Pentium heatsink as it is socket 775, whereas i5's are either 1556 or 1555 depending on their age.

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