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Dear Guys

I am in a dilemma for i3 and i5.

I am college student looking for laptop that perform general web processing, office and documents and sometimes general gaming. like cricket coach. however I do want my laptop to last about 4 to 5 years , of course all today's latest laptops will get old but thing i want is in 4th or 5th year my laptop should be able to perform reasonable while surfing web and doing work. (i have 7 year old dell and its web surfing is very slow). i want my laptop to perform reasonably quick in 4 or 5 years time not slow or bog down every time i open new webpage.

so here is question which one shall i go for - My friend says in i3 and i5 there isn't noticeable difference for general work. Only point for i5 is gaming . but my mother says i5 will last longer due to its processor. i3 in two/three year time will become slow like dell whereas i5 will perform well for 5 years for her investment of £70 extra is worth as it pay off.

what do you guys think? one hand i3 is sufficient for my needs but on other hand i do want good surfing capabilities in 4 years . :non:

which one would you recomend.



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  1. my partner cose an i3 laptop

    i chose an i5 one

    i find mine to be faster over all

    so i would say get the i5
  2. Although I have the i5, for the things you seem to be doing, mainly word processing as a student yes? I would go for the i3, they were built especially for home office tasks, as it can still handle a bit of casual gaming.
    Save the money, go for a top end i3 and you'll be all set...

  3. I know pc world has a good deal, that is if your in uk.

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