Choosing a decent video card.

O I have an antec 500w, p8z68v-w pro mobo, and an i5 cpu.

I now need a video card, and I don't have a bunch of money.

I am looking for a card, that doesnt have to be new, but just can play a good amount of modern games around 30 fps or so.

Keep it pretty cheap, thanks.

P.S. Im running at 1440x1900, but I can do 1920x1080. And Im pretty sure its a 1080p monitor.
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    What's your budget? I really like those 7750's for $100. Definitely the best card out under $100. If you can go up to $150 it opens up even more options though.
  2. SAPPHIRE Radeon HD 6870 1GB 256-bit GDDR5 PCI Express 2.1 x16 HDCP Ready CrossFireX Support Video Card (100314-3L )
    Free Dirt3 game coupon w/ purchase, limited offer
  3. +1 to rolli, the 7750 is the best low end video card you can get without going into HTPC status. (well you could grab a 6670 but its just not worth it last time I checked prices.)
  4. That 99 dollar card looks perfect!! But how much is that 128-bit going to effect a game like battlefield 3 vs a 256 bit?
  5. Well, what card are we talking here, is it a 7750 vs a 6990 or a 7750 vs a gt 440 with a 256 bus slapped on?

    Bit rate is only the first part of the story.
  6. Ah, the 6770 and the 7750 perform almost exactly the same.
  7. Should I go with a 6770, or 550 ti tho?
  8. The 7750 is cheaper but performs the same.
  9. GTX550Ti HD6770 and HD7750 are all in the same performance group with the HD7750 cheapest at the moment.
  10. rolli59 said:
    GTX550Ti HD6770 and HD7750 are all in the same performance group with the HD7750 cheapest at the moment.

    No external power connectors on the HD 7750....lowest power requirements of the three listed. Read that some HD 7750 have been installed in systems with 250-300 watt power supplies.

  11. What brand do you think would do pretty well?

    Oh and is there a 256-bit card around one hundred bucks as well?
  12. I doubt it, usually these types of budget cards are 192 bit at most, I could be wrong though.
  13. Oh man, how does this one look? I compared it on, it pretty heavily outweighs those cards. And its only thirty bucks more expensive??
  14. Not too bad, but if you want better performance, I would suggest this card. You should be able to play modern games with 30+ FPS on high settings. This card is $120 after rebate.

    This card can play BF 3 on high settings with decent FPS. (30+ FPS average), it would outperform the 7750 and the GTX 550 Ti.,3135-6.html
  15. HD6850 will do well in most games and is worth the more price, if you state a $ budget it is easier to define CHEAP!
  16. HD 7770 or HD 6850 is basically a pick does well in one game; the other does well at another game. See what the fps at your rez for your favorite game....that should assist which is better for you. HD 7770 is a bit cheaper than the HD 6850 here in Canada.

  17. Would that amd video card, the 6770, work on an intel board? And I am thinking cheap around 150, little over, or less.

    So yea, this card. Only 112 with shipping. How does it look?
  18. Yes AMD cards work fine in Intel boards!
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