Scaling options reset at start up (AMD My digital Flat panels)

Hey , Yesterday I installed CCC Driver/Drive 12.6 for AMD and I was coming from 12.4 , Now it was a long driver update , way longer then usual but when it was finished the

screen had black borders so I figured I had to go change overscan options in Scaling options , normally when theirs black borders its set to 9% right in the middle between

underscan and overscan but this time it was set at 0% so I moved the slider back then foward to 0% and the screen filled up my monitor thing is it wouldn't let me hit apply

So I applied 1 bar before 0% at maybe 1 or 2% then moved the slider back to 0% and hit apply , the screen filled up my monitor. The thing is , every time I start up I have

the black borders again , That's because the black borders appear when Overscan is set to 0% or its set to overscan , in driver 12.4 0% would fill up the entire screen but

now 0% is black borders , I checked the box under it that says use scaling values instead of customized settings and I'm gonna restart my PC . Can you please help me fix

this issue. Thank you , any help is much appreciated.

I tried checking the box , did not work.

I pressed defaults , it set scaling options in the middle and then I set it to 0% which filled up the screen but when I restart my computer it still has black borders
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  1. I can only confirm this problem - haven't found any solution.

    Anyone with suggestions about what to fiddle around with?
  2. Hello,

    I got rid of all scaling problems when I changed settings in my flat panel's menu. It now says that my aspect ratio is "customized" instead of 16:9 which is my panels real aspect ratio. This way it works flawlessly at least for me.
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