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Upgrade from AMD Phenom II 965 BE to Intel i5 3570??

Hi all:

This is my first post to the forum but I has been a reader since long time and this community has help me a lot with tons of issues.

I can't decide if will worth it to change my phenom II 965 for an intel i5 3570k.
I mainly use my computer for gaming, crysis 2, far cry 3, borderlands 2 etc and waiting for dead space 3 and crysis 3.
My full system specs are:

Phenom 965 OC @ 3.8 ghz
EVGA geforce 660 ti sc edition with 3GB of ram
kingston hyperx 8gb @ 1600 mhz
superflower power supply @ 700 W
gigabyte 970 ds3 motherboard

The question is, upgrading from the phenom to the intel i5 will increase significantly my gaming performance?

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    it will increase the performance a bit, but whynot get a amd 8core instead?

    cheaper, if u got intel gonna have to get new mobo.cpu.

    i see u got sli, but not a tru sli capable motherboard as the second pci-express port is running at 4x and u need 8x minimum to have quality sli.

    so ill suggest this instead.

    8core fx series. overclocked can rival an i5 in gaming. and highly cpu intensive programs.
  2. Thanks for the quick response.
    I know thats an option but I wouldn't like future bottlenecks, I mean probably by the end of this year I will upgrade to a geforce 680 or maybe a 780 if its released, will this AMD bottleneck with those cards?
  3. the 8core amd is a killer cpu, wont bottleneck nothing, is used in autocad and gaming.

    short and simple answer no.
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  5. cheers john
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