How to install nvidia drivers in acer laptops

i can not install nVIDIA verde 285.62 drivers in my acer laptop everytime i try it goes to nVIDIA installation menu and tells me...compatible graphic hardware not found even though i have an nVIDIA GEFORCE GT330M CUDA 1 GB in my laptop please tell me if anyone of you can help me. :(
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  1. Are you choosing the correct 32bit or 64bit driver?
  2. most likely you downloading wrong version of drivers, the only few times i seen that massage was when i grabbed wrong drivers off website.
    also possible you have different GPU (but im guessing you know for sure)
  3. i am trying for 64 bit i got everything right its just i am not able to install it. I dunno if its because Acer don't allow to as an OEM to install driver from Nvidia or that my notebook in particular has got some issue.
  4. anort3 said:
    Are you choosing the correct 32bit or 64bit driver?

    yup I am, Nvidia website gives a very clear info on what i should download as per my laptop config. tell me if u think there is another issue then that.
  5. have you try that auto detect your gpu on nvidia web site??
    I ran into same problem when i reinstall kids laptop, after like 5 different downloads finally got right package from web site.
    It is possible GPU is dead on laptop thou
  6. yup i did downloaded the same driver... and ACER is not ready to hear me out on this they tell me "you have to use drivers on ACER website only" or the one pre installed on your notebook, but since they don't understand why it is important to update the driver to the current one I have stopped asking them for a solution. :|
  7. I have the same problem. My computer is supposed to have Nvidia GeForce 630M video card and no drivers fit,it doesn`t matter which version i download. Even downloading from acer site doenst work. Windows updates only download Intel HD Graphics drivers.
  8. I had problems installing nVidia drivers on my Aspire V-572G on Windows 7. Initially, I tried to use the downloaded GeForce Experience tool to auto-detect and download the correct driver. The tool ran, but came back with an error stating that "I needed to install an Intel Driver first." Ok, I thought, let's do that. I then downloaded the VGA Intel drivers from Acer's drivers page for my laptop. The drivers installed and I restarted the computer as suggested. My device manager now reported a working Intel Family HD Graphics controller and an unknown 3D Graphics Controller. However, when I tried to run the GeForce Experience tool again, I now received a message stating that "No compatible hardware was found.". The tool was not seeing any nVidia graphics card, since it was not registered in Windows as an Intel device (or so my hypothesis goes).

    To fix the issue, I had to uninstall (not disable) the driver for the working Intel Graphics Controller and restart my computer. Next, I used the Intel utility to update the Intel graphics driver (instead of the driver from Acer's website, although the version number is identical, so I don't think this matters). However, I did not restart my computer. Instead, after installing the Intel Driver, but before my computer recognized the hardware for it, I again ran the nVidia tool. This time, it correctly found my GeForce 840m and after a few minutes installed the newest driver for it.
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