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I have been having problems with random restarts that do not notify me and they usually occur when i am gaming and a few times when using the computer for web searching. I downloaded OCCT which was measuring the temperature, as i was thinking that it was due to overheating and after several minutes it stopped as the CPU temperature had shot way above the max temperature, it was 255 degrees with the max being 85. Is this the cause of random restarts? Whats the solution?
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  1. Holy crap 255??????
    Try testing again with HW Monitor and record your result here again
    thats is wayyyyyy too hot for any computer
    and are you using after market heat sink? whats your build spec?

    Also have you applied thermal paste properly? If so how long ago? how old is your computer
  2. Hi :)

    This has come up before...ITS NOT REACHING 255 degrees... it would melt straight through the motherboard and case if it was... lol

    Its your software to measure it that's faulty...

    All the best Brett :)
  3. Oh i thought he ment 255 Fahrenheit but either way somethings wrong
  4. I used 'Speccy' and this gave me 50degrees after about 10 minutes of gaming, and also 50 for my motherboard, i brought my PC in September so its not that old and i have not applied any thermal paste as it was built when i purchased it

    Windows 7 64bit
    AMD FX-4100 processor
    8GB duel-channel DDR3 RAM
    MSI 760GM-P23(FX) motherboard
    ATI Radeon HD 5400 Series 2GB graphics
    932GB Hitachi HDS721010DLE630 ATA Device HDD
  5. thanks for clarification on that :P, but still if the max temp is 85, and it reached 255 is that not a problem?
  6. As brett mentioned 255 is impossible number
    can you download a program called HW Monitor? its most reliable ones i know
  7. And can you be more specific about ypur restarts?
    do u get blue screen of death? or just simply power off like if you unplugged socket off the wall?
    If your cpu temp is 50 then it is fine. So i assume it is power supply issue.. What is the brand and model of your PSU as well as wattage
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