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Asus rt-n66u wireless router settings for gaming?

I have recently purchased an asus rt-n66u dual band gigabit router. What are the best settings for wireless gaming? The wireless adaptor I'm using is an asus usb-n53 dual band. Do I need to set it for auto mode or n only? and 20 or 40 mhz or 20/40 combined? do I need aes/tkip encryption or just aes? thanks
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    encryption isnt going to have an effect on gaming as long as your wifi has a password you should be fine....also I would set it to auto mode and 20/40 mhz combined...leaves you with options....really any of these settings will work and have no effect on your gaming unless you dont get signal....just leave everything to default and if you get good signal strength then you are good...btw this is not the proper section for this this is the graphics card section not wireless
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