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I’m running a 150 in a super power socket 7 motherboard. I’ve got 48meg of EDO ram (16x2 and 8x8). I turned it on the other day and it counted the right about of RAM when it booted but once it got to windows a loud high pitched squeal started to come from the computer. I’ve changed everything over in the computer except the CPU and RAM (including the power supply) and it still squeals. While looking around in windows I noticed that it was recognising 13meg of the 48 megs of RAM. I pulled the two 8meg sticks out and rebooted. Once again it counted the right amount of RAM at the start but when entering windows the squealing started up again, but at least it recognised the full 32 meg of RAM.

I just left the computer in that state to see how it would go and I noticed that after about 10 mins it would stop squealing, but if the computer ever went into power saving mode as soon as you touched it again it would start up for another 10mins. After a few days I but all the RAM back in it and its running at 48 but it still squeals. I’ve turned all power saving off which seams to have made a bit of a difference but I was wondering if anyone else has had this problem or has any ideas.
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  1. Are you sure its not some old fan?

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  2. Noise is a result of something rubbing against something else. Your RAM cant be making the noise, cuz your RAM don't move! Like agpport said, its probably some old fan or something. The only stff that moves inside a computer are:
    optical drives,
    That's it.

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  3. i've changed the P/S so its not that fan. I've stopped the cpu fan its not that either. I've changed the HDD and unplugged the CD-ROM and floppy. I've rebuilt the computer out of a case spread out on my desk and put my ear to everything.

    It is the RAM or something on the motherboard that has something to do with the RAM
  4. Unplug your PC speaker on your mobo.

    "If you teach a child to read, then he or her will be able to pass a literacy test" - George W.
  5. when it was built out of the case it had no pc speaker on it nor is there anything like a modem with its own speaker
  6. ACtually, I've heard ic's make a squeal before, not a very loud one, but clearly noticable, its normally power regulators/power amp type ic's that do it though.

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