New Computer freezes ranomly when gameing

So when iam gameing latly ive been playing bf3 guild wars 2 and cyrsis 2 on a new computer i have
once and a while the games will all of a sudden freeze for one or 2 seconds when its freezeing the CD player i have set up with the computer with give out a loud buzzing noise

ive got a
gigabyte radeon hd 7850 oc 975 clcoks (comes this way)
it get 49 59 degress celcius at the most
my cpu intel i5 3570k unlocked it gets 49 degress celcius at top heat (about)
my mother board is ASrock z77 pro 3
my memory is to 2 4gbs G.skill ram sticks
one harddrive 500gb 7200rpms
600w atx none modular
azza 301 mid tower case
on 120mm fan on the front intakes i think
240mm fan on side intakes
one 120mm fan on back kicks air out the back
2 120mm fans on top kicks air out the top
and a CPU fan 212 plus kicks out air to the back fan out the back of computer
ive used memtest and ran it will i was playing guild wars 2 it didnt report anything when the game freezed and buzzed
ive moved the memory sticks to slot's A1 To B1 from A2 to B2 no Change
it dosent nessesarly happen when i hit a very computer hardware straining part in a game (its completly random)

Ive gone though and made sure i have all the latest Drivers and widows 7 says there all workin propperly
ive got amd crystal engine all upto date 12.8
ive gotten Ccleaner and advance sytem care and Advance system care anti virus all scaned and cleaned registys and other files
and did a hard drive clean and defrage
ive only had the computer for 2 or so weeks

plz some one Help i really would like to fix this even though's not game breaking just annoying
and make sure its not doing any long term dangerous effects on my computer hardware
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  1. It could be anything,

    at first i would like to run memtest with only one ram stick at a time and see if it cought any problems..
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