GTX 670 Crashing in 3.0 pcie Ivybridge systems?

I told my buddy the new rig I'm getting

pcie 3.0 1155 socket mobo with an ivybridge 3570k, and a gtx 670 (factory oc'd) Gigabyte version with the Windforce 3x cooler.

He said that ivybridge 3.0 pcie systems are crashing with new gen 3.0 pcie cards. Is this true? Is there a way for me to switch it to 2.0 in the gigabyte bios when I get my new rig?

Or is he just full of it.

I have bad luck with technology -.-
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    This thread has insight and even a solution to that issue.
  2. Thanks El Tigre!, I'll bookmark that for later when I get my new rig if this problem arises.

    Anyone else experienced this or is my buddy full of crap?
  3. I too have been having a bad experience with my gtx 670 and z77 board. I have virtually tried everything and it still crashes on all the games I play.

    Everything is set to stock and I even have onboard sound disabled while using my old Xfi extreme gamer sound card.

    I'm on the verge of RMA'ng it!!
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