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Hello! I have acquired a Xeon E5- 2603 from a redundant server. I am hoping to use this CPU in a desktop 2011 X79 motherboard. It seems that only asrock have this cpu on there x79 2011 board support list however they only state that the M0 stepping is compatable. This chip is M1. Does anyone know of a board that this will work in?

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  1. The best I can do is a board that I know this will work on and that is the Intel® Workstation board W2600CR2

    It is a dual processor board that support dual PCI-E 16x slots for video.
  2. may be a little too much but oh well, dual processor board
  3. just been looking @ the asrock website - they do list other e5-26xx cpu's with M1 stepping as compatible under the p1.70 bios rather than the p1.60 which it says is required for the e5-2603 M0 stepping. i would email asrock for their verdict on the subject. perhaps it has been tested & they just haven't updated the support list yet.
  4. Just sent asrock an email, will probably take a week to get a reply! Cannot see the stepping making a huge difference. There sold as the same chip.
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