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Tight on budget

hey guys i have about 210 dollars to spend give or take 20$ on my gpu. my current setup is

i5 3570k

asrock z77 pro3

cosair cx500

8gb ram

i am playing with this monitor at 1600x900

i need to keep my psu and ive heard it can run any single gpu? so my main question i am going to get into bf3 and am puzzled between 6850 and 6870. i was looking for medium settings 50+ fps. also i need to get bf3 with this budget so that takes 55$ correct? im new to bf3 and pc gaming.

Final question i have a kinda outdated belkin regular keyboard and microsoft mouse. can i play bf3 with these?? thanks for input i would love links to the gpu suggested
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  1. Your keyboard and mouse would be fine as long as they work good.

    For BF3, I would suggest at least a GTX 560 Ti or HD 6870 for smooth gameplay, your PSU would handle both of these GPU's fine.

    Getting this GTX 480, you would be able to play this game on high settings with good FPS @ 1080p. It fit's within your budget. You can even play this game at ultra with motion blur turned off and get above 40+ FPS with this card at your monitors resolution.

    Here is a benchmark done by Toms,3063-3.html
  2. so i couldn't have a good 6850 running at 1600x900 with medium settings and get 50+ fps? :/
  3. With the 6850, at your resolution, you should be able to play it on high settings with about 40+ FPS according to this benchmark done by Toms.,3063-8.html

    If you can squeeze your budget to $220, the GTX 480 would allow you to play on ultra at your resolution with motion blur turned off at about 45+ FPS.
  4. ok well im guessing that 40+ fps is good? better then ps3 on not 1080p? hoping i can atleast get the same settings as on my ps3.....i think maybe i can get a 6870 but that would mean longer without bf3 and that kinda puts me down :'( .

    since im guessing ur a bf3 player can u dirrect me somewhere where i can find out about servers and how to get into a match lol also how can i practice using mouse/keyboard? i play minecraft and i can move pretty good are settings similar???
  5. ok so after some looking i will either be getting this 6870

    or this 6850

    will i see a differce in bf3?
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    The 6870 would be the better choice as you will be able to play on high settings around 60 FPS and that will look better than PS3 hands down.

    When you game on BF3, it will open a web page in your browser and you just select the server that you wish to join, then the game will launch. Kinda odd, but it's like that.

    If you are not comfortable with keyboard/mouse, you can use an Xbox 360 controller or any PC controller to get that console feeling, I personally prefer keyboard/mouse, much better accuracy.
  7. ok i think im gonna get my ps3 gone and to my brother get the 6870 and buy dat bf3 :D thanks for your help !
  8. No problem, enjoy the game, it's much better on PC!
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