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So I'm looking to get back into gaming after a while off. After looking around these forums for advise I came across this build,

Windows 8 (I'll wait for it's release in Nov) will probably get this new build then. Don't want to upgrade or re-image. I'm typing this on the RC for Win8 anyways.

Really wanted to get 3D to play games in 3D and also to watch movies & shows in HD 3D. I innocently think that nVidia 3D kit in dual SLI 2G GTX 680 ASUS + VG278H 27 inch 120Hz 3D LED Monitor with LightBoost. Is the answer. I realise that there isn't a lot of 3D content out there but I can convert the movies/shows that I want myself from AVI to stereoscopic videos. Not to mention I'm hoping the new games coming out in the next few years will be designed to take advantage of 3D gaming.

My questions are,

1) How come I'm seeing a lot of people going for RADEON cards over nVidia? How come no one is putting up 3D system builds? I'm guessing 3D sucks? Or it's just over priced?

2) Since I'm seeing a lot of people going for RADEON video cards, does that mean I should be going for AMD over Intel for the CPU?

3) I'm looking to use Samsung 830 Series SATA3 256G SSD as my C drive (for base OS & game files) and a second D drive as a Seagate SATA3 3TB (data files, backups, etc). I'm hoping the SSD will increase my I/O performance so load times will be shorter when I'm running stuff like Max Payne 3, StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm. Wondering if the SSD config is really worth it or am I putting to much stock in SSD drives?

Thanks in advance,

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  1. Yeah, 3D doesn't really feel like 3D. Just cardboard cutouts IMO.
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