XFX 7870?

Does any one know why the XFX 7870GHZ DD Black Editions are not in stock/deactivated across the board? These things just came out in Mar? and I havnt been able to find one online for over 3 weeks. Did I miss a memo?
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  1. I don't know, but I suggest getting the normal version instead and OC it

  2. There is but it is not worth to pay extra $70 for a meager clock speed increase over DD edition. I would suggest to go for DD or get more powerful card if you are willing to spend that amount.

  3. You misunderstand, I have two of these and I'm trying to see what they are worth currently. I cant find them for sale at regular sites, and was wondering if there was a reason that they have not been in stock. The link above lists them for 389.99 and 599.99 which is quite a mark up. I was wondering if XFX canceled the release for some reason.
  4. Not the same as I'm talking about, looking for info on the Black Editions. I guess it doesn't really matter. Just thought maybe something was up. Thanks for the replies.
  5. I see... This is maybe because XFX stopped the production.
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