Just built my first computer ever, can I get some help/advice?

Hello everyone! :)

I just put together this beast of a computer (compared to my previous systems - $300 eMachine anyone?) a couple of hours ago, and thank God I was able to boot it up on the very first go. Specs:

i3 2120
EVGA gtx 560 superclocked
8gb g.skill ripjaws (1333)
Inexpensive motherboard with pci-e 3.0 and usb 3.0 header, unaware of what it's called at present
Rosewill Future Gaming Case (4 120mm fans so the cooling should be exceptional, but it is a tad cramped)

The HDD is a Samsung spinpoint 500gb, however it won't be here until monday sadly. Anyways after putting it together I powered it on and all them fans started whirring and I was greeted by an assortment of case LEDs blinking to life and a monitor plugged into the video card that displayed the motherboards lovely GUI BIOS. I was, of course, ecstatic. My question is, once I plonk the hard drive into the case and plug in a serial ATA data connector and power connector, and here's the big question, WILL I ACHIEVE LIFT OFF? By this I mean if I toss my newly purchased Windows 7 OEM home prem. into a $20 disc drive I installed in the front of the case, am I guaranteed a fully working system? In the BIOS I saw that the mobo recognized my processor and RAM and displayed the names of both on the bottom of my screen, which was reassuring. Still I'm a novice and I have no idea how this stuff works. So, on monday, what will happen when I flip on the power? Will everything work or did I just manage to boot it up despite a dead/improperly installed component? And also how does the OS installation process work? Do I just pop the win7 disc in and boot up the power and everything will be straightforward from there?

I'm turning to you, oh Gods of hardware, for advice. All answers 100% welcome and much loved/appreciated. Thanks, xoxo
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  1. Budget?
  2. Dare I bump? Probably not allowed but I have to get to bed in 10 minutes. :S
  3. azeem40 said:

    It's already all built, I'm not sure why you need to know that o.O

    $800 in total including win 7, if that helps
  4. While I'm here, does anyone out there have cable management tips? The area between my hard drive cage thingy and my powersupply is a tangled mess. o.o
  5. I meant to ask what the budget was.
    Yes, it should work.
  6. azeem40 said:
    I meant to ask what the budget was.
    Yes, it should work.

    Excellent, what a relief. What's it like installing windows 7 on a completely blank system/hard drive? Is it really straightforward and simple as soon as I boot up?
  7. Just like installing a fresh OS over the existing one. :P
  8. azeem40 said:
    Just like installing a fresh OS over the existing one. :P

    I've never done anything outside of pre installed windows really. Computer newb here.

    Although I have tried partitioning my drive to dual boot Ubuntu, that lasted for a few weeks. I guess it's similar to that?
  9. I guess so. I have never dual booted before, so I wouldn't know. :P
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    Put disk in drive, select boot from CD, follow directions.

    Will it work? probably. At least should install. Guaranteed? No. There could always be some hardware fault, and you could have setting issues that won't show till windows tries to run. I've had DVD drives that won't read the disk quite right.

    Still probably 98% ish chance it will be fine if it was able to POST
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