Why is my computer running slow

I'm not sure if this is the place to post this but i think it is. Today i bought some new games from steam because of the summer sale and while playing crysis 2 and quantum conundrum i noticed my computer was severely slow which makes no sense as 1 have 8 gigs ram gtx 560 ti and amd phenom II 6x 350t which should run both games at 30 or more on at least the lowest setting i've only had my computer for a few months and when i checked the cpu temp while in game it wasn't anything out of the ordinary. please help me i wanna play my new games.
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  1. Do you mean phenom II X6 1035T?

    Crysis 2 is a legitimately fun game with some awesome world design. Lets get you playing.

    With a 560ti you should be able to play Crysis 2 on high at 1920x1080 using DX9 quite easily. Using DX11 you could probably also get smooth high settings with some set to medium.

    Could you describe the performance a bit better? Also run a 3DMark 11 performance test, this isn't the best indicator of real world performance but it's a good way to find out if there are any serious deficiencies.
  2. yes that is what i meant.

    my score was
    P339 3DMarks
    to better describe the performance i would say it will jump i know no better way to put it. it is a steady 3 or lower fps
  3. Is physx in nvidia control panel set to auto? If an in game setting is enabling physx, try disabling it.
  4. good god there is definitely something wrong there. I'm assuming that you have an adequate power supply based on you having a 6 core processor.

    That's what I would expect from software rendering or a really crummy IGP.

    I'm going to bed because it's 4 AM here but I'll leave you with a list of things to do. I don't know your system configuration so I'm going to include a few things which may not apply.

    1. Update motherboard firmware (PC BIOS / UEFI) if you haven't done so already. After this, reset the system settings completely. Flush the settings even if the firmware is already at the latest revision and no update is required. Consult your motherboard manual to figure out how to do this. Please note that while the defaults are usually good enough, you may have to reconfigure some settings.

    2. Update DirectX by running the 'DirectX Web Installer'. This will install any missing libraries and periodic SDK revisions. Also run a Windows Update. Normally this doesn't help but it's necessary maintenance and should be done anyway.

    3. Disconnect any other displays from the system and ensure that the primary display is connected directly to the 560ti and not an IGP or other adapter

    4. Completely purge any existing NVidia and AMD drivers. This is extremely important if you previously had an older NVidia card or an AMD card, especially since you have an AMD CPU and chipset. Then, reset and run Driver Sweeper to purge any remaining NVidia and AMD driver files. Lastly, reinstall the AMD Chipset drivers followed by the NVidia VGA drivers. If prompted to reset after installing the AMD drivers do so before installing the NVidia drivers.

    5. If all else fails you should perform a complete reinstall/alternate install of Windows. This can be done on another hard drive if desired or on a separate partition if you have one. If you do install it to the same hard drive as your existing Windows installation be careful that you don't overwrite stuff or muck up the primary partition. If you do you will have a nasty recovery on your hands.

    If you need the Windows 7 installation CD you can get it here:


    When prompted for the CD key just leave it blank to start the trial period, no need to activate for simple testing purposes.

    Good luck
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