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Hello, i am looking to build a pc primarily to play world of warcraft on MAX settings. I would like to know what kind of motherboard, processor and graphics card are going to pull this, with an HDMI connection to the monitor. looking to buy parts that are mediocre not the most expensive nor cheapest.
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  1. around a 3ghz quad core newer processor Intel or AMD (but I'm not sure how the AMD Bulldozers fair), at least a gtx460-1Gb GPU, 8Gb ram, fast 7200 HDD or an SSD, and that should be enough for Wow on ultra.
  2. I played WoW Cataclysm fine on my 3GHz Core2Duo and HD5770 with almost everything (except shadows and FSAA) on Ultra. I would not expect MoP to require a whole lot more than that. A modern mid-range CPU (i3-3xxx or better) and GPU (HD6850 or HD7770) should get you there.
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